IMG_1501My journey as a teacher probably began in 1980, when I participated in a ‘cross-age tutoring’ program as a year nine English student. I was struck by the intellectual and social challenge of teaching long division to a struggling year five student, and achieved a great deal of satisfaction upon my success. My career prior to commencing as an academic included periods where my primary focus was the application of my Information Technology (IT) skills and periods in education and training roles. These education and training roles included private tutoring, workplace training, secondary teaching and academic staff development. My teaching approach and philosophy developed substantially through these roles as well as through formal study towards a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Research Masters and PhD focused on Technology and Learning and have continued to develop through 13 years as a researcher and lecturer at Charles Sturt University. My research interests are captured by the overarching question, How can learning be improved through the use of technology? (see ‘Research‘ for more information).


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