Invited and Keynote Presentations

Dalgarno, B. (2017). Reflecting on the past and imagining the future. Closing address at the 2017 ASCILITE Conference in Toowoomba. Materials: Slides, Future scenario video, Future scenario supplement

Dalgarno, B. (2017). The state of play in digital enabled learning in higher education. Invited presentation for the University of Wollongong WATTLE network.

Dalgarno, B. (2017). The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Research Landscape. Invited Presentation as part of the ASCILITE Spring into Excellence Research School at the University of Wollongong.

Dalgarno, B. (2017). Utopia or Dystopia? A future scenario featuring unbundled degrees and intelligent automation of support for student learning. An RMIT Learning and Teaching Academy Symposium Presentation. Background material: Video, Printed supplement,

Dalgarno, B. (2016). Employment and employabilty in the digital age. Invited presentation at 6th International Practice-Based Education Summit 2016 hosted by EFPI, Sydney, Australia.

Dalgarno, B. (2015, March), Designing and Evaluating Polysynchronous Learning Spaces, Invited Presentation, New Generation Learning Spaces Conference, Sydney.

Dalgarno, B. (2015, April), Education for professionalism in an online context, Invited Presentation, Education for Practice Symposium, Sydney.

Dalgarno, B. (2015, June). Measuring the impact of research today: Traditional metrics and alternate metrics. Presentation at International Editor’s Workshop at European Distance Education Network (EDEN) Conference, Barcelona, Spain.

Dalgarno, B. (2015, June). Polysynchronous learning: Reconceptualising interaction patterns in blended learning, applications in practice-based education and implications for learning space design. Presentation for Learning Technology Media Lab, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Dalgarno, B. (2015, June). u!magine’s institutional change agenda. Presentation for the Learning Design and Technology Teams at Open University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain.

Dalgarno, B. (2014). Different paths to the finish line or running a separate race: Contrasting institution, staff, student and ‘expert’ perspectives on online learning. Keynote address at ACODE 66 Workshop: Backing the right horses – Perspectives on online learning success, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Dalgarno, B. (2014, July), Are there new environments for constructing knowledge?  Invited presentation at FIET forum, University of Taragona, Spain.

Dalgarno, B. (2013, May). Exploring the relationship between learning strategies and learning outcomes in inquiry-based online resources. Invited seminar presentation for Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne.

Dalgarno, B. (2013, March). Characterising student exploration strategies using inquiry-based learning resources. Invited seminar presentation at Macquarie University.

Dalgarno, B. (2012, November). Open Learning in Higher Education: Massive Open Online Courses. Invited panel presentation at CSU Ed Conference, Wagga Wagga.

Dalgarno, B. (2012, August). Learning Analytics –Background Ideas to Stimulate Discussion. Invited presentation for CSU DIT, Wagga Wagga.

Dalgarno, B. (2012, May). The impact of task design, exploration strategy, and instructional support on discovery learning outcomes in interactive learning environments: Experimental findings and implications for theory. Invited seminar for the Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition, University of Sydney.

Dalgarno, B. (2012, April). Designing virtual environments for scaffolded discovery learning. Invited seminar for University of Qld School of Biomedical Sciences, St Lucia QLD.

Dalgarno, B. (2012, March). Can Norman’s notion of affordance provide a socially grounded rather than techno-centric lens for understanding educational technology adoption? Invited presentation at the Monash University Learning and New Media Conference, Melbourne.

Dalgarno, B. (2012, March). Virtual Professional Experience: The use of a Virtual Classroom in Second Life to Prepare Pre-Service Teachers for Professional Experience Placement. Invited panel presentation for Education for Practice Group [online].

Dalgarno, B. (2012, February). Technology and Innovation in Teacher Education. Invited presentation for CSU Teacher Education Forum, Canberra.

Dalgarno, B. (2011, September). Now that you have an Educational/Instructional Technology Degree…Invited online presentation for the US Association for Educational Communication and Technology.

Dalgarno, B. (2009, September). ICTs and Teacher Education at CSU. Presentation for NSW DET Riverina Computer Coordinators Group, Wagga Wagga.

Dalgarno, B. (2008, May). What can contemporary research on ICT and learning contribute to classroom teaching practice? Invited presentation at NSW DET Principal’s Conference, Wagga Wagga.


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